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Good to hear that you had positive experiences of nhà nghỉ on your travels. Yes, they are indeed a great option for budget travellers all over Vietnam, and especially in some of the more off the beaten path locations.


Comment on CONTACT by Tom@VietnamCoracle Sat, 20 Jan 2018 06:58:08 +0000 Hi Hoseung,

I think there are some bus companies that allow you to ship your bike on certain routes. But the train is pretty easy and convenient and you can ship the bike between most major cities along the main line between Saigon and Hanoi. I’ve written a guide about sending your bike by train here.

However, there’s no need to ship your bike back to your departure point because lots of motorbike rental companies now offer one-way rental: you pick the bike up somewhere and return it somewhere else. Check the recommended rental companies at the bottom of all my pages for more details.

I hope this helps,


Comment on CONTACT by Hoseung Joun Sat, 20 Jan 2018 00:33:10 +0000 Hi Tom,

I’m an Asian-American from New York and I’ve done several motorbike trips (Saigon to Nha Trang, Dalata, Bao Loc, and points in between) with my VN girlfriend before I stumbled onto your site a few years ago! And you described them well – exactly as I had experienced them. During those rides I dreamed of camping and stopping for extended stays at remote beaches and mountain lakes that we passed but I never had enough time to do so. I finally have the opportunity now and plan to move to VN for 5-6 months (maybe longer!) this Spring to explore business opportunities, property, and of course, take long bike trips!

Besides the train, are there any bus companies that can ship my bike to Danang or even to Hanoi? Or back to Saigon? I’d rather do a one-way trip combined with a flight. I’ve shipped the bike from Nha Trang back to Saigon a couple of times already in the past but not sure if other cities are possible (girlfriend made it seem there were no other cities a few years ago).

Oh, and the reason I ask is that I’m on my own now. Please keep up the great work. I share exactly the same fondness for Vietnam that you do. Despite having traveled to many places around the world, my favorite is always Vietnam.


Comment on Local Guest Houses: Nhà Nghỉ by Jérôme - Endless Travel Fri, 19 Jan 2018 13:24:53 +0000 Hi Tom,

Once again, thanks for this very useful article ! During my previous two short solo trips in Vietnam I didn’t know about nha nghi, and had troubles locating hotels in remote areas. Shame on me !

However this time my wife and I have used these guest houses extensively. As I mentioned in my other comments, we’ve been cycling around Vietnam for around 2 months now; we spent the vast majority of our nights in nha nghi we located upon arrival.

They’re indeed an excellent way to break down long rides into smaller parts, which is even more necessary when cycling than motorbiking ! I’ve been truly amazed by the amount of guest houses we found along the way.

As an added bonus, knowing the Vietnamese word allows to google for “nha nghi” and the name of the place, which makes you confident that accommodation is actually available. It’s very useful when planning an itinerary ! In contrast, a search for either “hotel”, “motel” or “guesthouse” will lead to zero result in small cities. Also, I’ve found the online reviews on Google very helpful in selecting among accommodations.

We usually found that the most recent accommodations offered the best value, which is not surprising according to the reluctance of Vietnamese people to do any kind of maintenance 🙂

As you point out, these places are rarely perfect – although several were very close to perfection -. But for less than 250 000 dong, they’re by far the best value available. We usually found than most troubles came from other guests, not the accommodation : loud phone calls late at night, loud music at any time, loud conversations (notice a keyword here ? :p ).

Comment on Southern Islands: Con Dao or Phu Quoc? by Tom@VietnamCoracle Thu, 18 Jan 2018 09:49:27 +0000 Hi Russ,

I can’t offer much advice about that, but I do know that other ‘digital nomads’ make Phu Quoc home for months at a time. I’m sure some of them end up renting bungalows at a discounted long-term price from some of the smaller resorts in places like Vung Bau beach or Thuy’s House, for example.

Strangely, I’ve always found the internet connection on Phu Quoc to be a bit annoying, but I’m sure they’re in the process of sorting that out, if they haven’t already.

Good luck,


Comment on Southern Islands: Con Dao or Phu Quoc? by Russ Wed, 17 Jan 2018 18:53:35 +0000 I currently live in Thailand long term and thinking about trying Vietnam for awhile. Either location have long term bungalows that are more remote that you can rent? If so do you have an idea on price(3-6 months).

I work remotely so how is Wifi and phone internet speed there as well? Any difference in either place?


Comment on Ho Chi Minh Road: Motorbike Guide by Ashley Wed, 17 Jan 2018 02:19:08 +0000 Thanks Tom. Yes I have been checking the forecast and I didn’t realise how cool it might be, so we will certainly be keeping warm.
Didn’t realise it would be grey though. Hopefully the sunshine and brightness is over us for the most of our journey.

Kind Regards

Comment on Ho Chi Minh Road: Motorbike Guide by Tom@VietnamCoracle Tue, 16 Jan 2018 11:15:35 +0000 Hi Ashley,

I haven’t heard of any particular problems with road conditions on the Ho Chi Minh Road recently. If there are any landslides they’re most likely to be on the Western Ho Chi Minh Road between Phong Nha and Khe Sanh, so it’s a good idea to ask in Phong Nha about road conditions before you start that leg of the journey.

Other than that, just bear in mind that this time of year is the winter in northern Vietnam, so anywhere between Hanoi and Hue could be surprisingly cold and grey.

I hope you enjoy the ride,


Comment on The Road East of the Long Mountains by Tom@VietnamCoracle Tue, 16 Jan 2018 11:11:48 +0000 Hi Erik,

Glad to hear you’re finding my site useful.

I’m not sure about 19C, but QL29 was OK the last time I rode it. However, that region may have suffered landslides last November during the typhoon, but I would expect most of the damage to have been repaired by now.

If you have any updates on road conditions over the next few days, please do let me know.



Comment on The Road East of the Long Mountains by Erik Tue, 16 Jan 2018 05:39:56 +0000 Hi Tom,
Loving the blog, unbelievably useful.
I have a quick question.
Am coming west from Tuy Hoa and want to join the Eastern Mountain Road on section 3 at Ban Hoang. Whats the QL19C Road like heading south from Tan An, and the QL29 at Khu Pho heading West to Ban Hoang? Reason being I didnt want to follow your red line to join the route at Cau Le Bac…
Help appreciated