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Ho Tram Beach Resort is a discreet, beautifully landscaped and tranquil resort on Vietnam’s south coast. Situated on up-and-coming Ho Tram beach, just a couple hours southeast of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), this is one of the most atmospheric, charming beach resorts in Vietnam. The 68 rooms are spread over 8 hectares of tropical gardens and a long stretch of sandy beach. Each room is designed and furnished in the style of traditional Vietnamese village buildings. Every little detail is tasteful and understated, and the entire complex blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings. Ho Tram Resort is luxurious without being extravagant, and sophisticated without being pretentious. This combination makes it almost unique among other high-end beach resorts in Vietnam. [Average rates are between $70-$120 a night. You can check current rates, availability & make a reservation for Ho Tram Boutique Resort HERE]

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Victoria Nui Sam Mountain Lodge, Chau Doc, VietnamA beautiful place: Ho Tram Boutique Resort is among my favourite beach retreats in Vietnam

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Address: Ho Tram, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province [MAP]

Price: $70-$120 | Phone: +84 (0)64 3781 525 | Website: www.hotramresort.com

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Ho Tram Boutique Beach Resort

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If I had all the time, money and resources at my disposal to design my own beach resort, Ho Tram Boutique is pretty close to how I’d want it to be. Everything, from the gardens to the rooms, from the reception area to the pools, from the beach bar to the bathtubs, is exactly to my taste. Every single element has been carefully and lovingly thought about: from the harmonic wind chimes that greet you at reception to the plants and flowers that adorn the outside showers in each room.

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Unlike the enormous resorts being built up and down Vietnam’s coastline today, there was (and still is) no grand plan for Ho Tram Resort: it evolved from a family holiday home by the beach, to a getaway for friends and acquaintances, and, eventually, to a resort. This accounts for the refreshingly non-uniform, informal layout of Ho Tram Resort. Stone pathways meander through clusters of thatched bungalows, red brick chalets, and wooden cabanas, under the shade of cashew trees, bougainvillea, beach pines, palms, and African tulips.

Victoria Nui Sam Mountain Lodge, Chau Doc, VietnamPalm-thatched bungalows are dotted over a large, lush area along a good beach

Each room is uniquely furnished, and little touches – such as essential oils burning in the rooms before guests arrive – add to the feeling of intimacy that this resort exudes. Most of the natural building materials, plants, and flowers come from the resort’s own nursery and plantation in the area, as do some of the fruit and vegetables that are on the menu. Staff, most of whom are Vietnamese from the local area, are friendly and helpful, although their level of English varies.

Victoria Nui Sam Mountain Lodge, Chau Doc, VietnamEach room is beautifully and uniquely furnished with lovely outdoor bathrooms

There are two pools (the salt water infinity is one of my favourites in Vietnam), a spa, beach bar, lounge bar, restaurant, tennis court, and children’s play area. The resort offers excursions to nearby attractions, but, apart from the fantastic seafood restaurants at Ho Tram village, I rarely feel the need to leave the resort’s beautiful gardens, pools, beach and comfort of my room.

Victoria Nui Sam Mountain Lodge, Chau Doc, VietnamThe beach at Ho Tram Boutique is by far the best stretch of sand within easy reach of Saigon

The owners are Vietnamese, and their passion for Vietnam’s architectural and cultural heritage can be seen in every aspect of this resort. Other high-end beach resorts in Vietnam aim for this kind of ‘native rustic-luxury’ aesthetic, but most of them fail to get it right, or confuse the general ambience by adding modern elements where they’re not needed. Ho Tram Resort, however, has achieved a synthesis between traditional architecture and décor, and modern luxury and appliances. For the owners, this resort is a passion before a business – the primary concern being aesthetic appeal and the harmony of the resort with its environment.

Victoria Nui Sam Mountain Lodge, Chau Doc, VietnamArchitecture is based on traditional Vietnamese designs which blend in with the natural surrounds

These days, the general trend for developers buying up Vietnam’s coastline – especially along Ho Tram beach and Danang’s ‘China beach’ – is to build big, multi-storey monoliths, and integrated resorts, which offer extravagance rather than elegance, and blight rather than blend into the natural surroundings. I hope this will not affect Ho Tram Resort, which should hold its ground in the face of these international projects, because their presence only serves to make Ho Tram Resort more attractive.[Average rates are between $70-$120 a night. You can check current rates, availability & make a reservation for Ho Tram Boutique Resort HERE].

*Please support Vietnam Coracle: I never write a review for money: all my content is free & my reviews are independent. You can support the work I do by booking your hotels via the Agoda links & search boxes on my site, like the ones on this page. If you make a booking, I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Any money I make goes straight back into this site. Thank you.

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Victoria Nui Sam Mountain Lodge, Chau Doc, VietnamHo Tram Boutique is a uniquely low-key & elegant resort; unlike many other new resorts on the coast

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10 Responses to Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort

  1. jeffrey olson says:

    I just returned from Ho Tram beach resort. We decided to stay one extra night partly because of rain and mostly because the area is so peaceful.

    The parents of two of my English students recently invited us for a day trip to the beach. We ended up at Four Seasons beach. I was really impressed with the area and after reading this excellent article, booked at the Ho Tram beach boutique resort.

    It’s not possible to add to the well written, honest review other than to say I fully agree with you. When you want to get away from the city and relax, this is the place. I have visited all the popular beaches in VN and considering the ride back to Saigon from the mentioned bus station was 2 hours, this is worthy of a look.

    Thanks again,your words, really helped. I booked my stay using another service because I didn’t see your link. Next time I will be happy to support your work.

  2. Alan Murray says:

    Another great post.

    The Grand is a bit OTT but I can see that the Vietnamese must like to be seen strutting their stuff. It has the advantage of a shuttle bus from the centre of town.
    The ‘packages’ at Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort state “Pick up and drop off service from Ho Chi Minh – Van Thanh Park (Binh Thanh Dist)” but I’m not sure of the frequency.


    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks. Yes, it is OTT, but definitely good quality and service. I’m usually on my motorbike when I stay at Ho Tram Boutique, but my parents often take the resort’s transport to and from Saigon – it’s been very good, but an extra expense added to the bill.


      • Jonathan Gonzales says:

        Hi Tom,

        Planning to go to Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort as well.
        But initially thought I could ride the Grand Ho Tram Shuttle for free then taxi to the boutique resort. Is it not free after all even just for “casino-goers”? I just thought it offers free shuttle like regular casinos

        • Hi Jonathon,

          Yes, that’s right, I’m pretty sure only guests of The Grand can use their shuttle. You could take a regular bus to Ba Ria and get a taxi from there, or take the ferry to Vung Tau and get a taxi from there.

          Or trying contact Ho Tram Boutique directly and asking them about their own shuttle service.

          I hope it works out,


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  5. Mirko says:

    Hi there! Thanks for your nice post. I’m going to spend some days at Ho Tram Resort & Spa and I’m looking for the best/cheapest way to get there from Ho Chi Minh (airport). Could you suggest something? Thank you!

    • Hi Mirko,

      From the airport you can get a taxi to Mien Dong bus station. From there mini buses leave about every 15-30 minutes to Vung Tau. Ask to be dropped off at Ba Ria (before Vung Tau). From there you can get a taxi to Ho Tram Resort or ask at Ba Ria bus station for local buses to Ho Tram. However, if you are staying at Ho Tram Resort then I suggest you contact them to ask if they can arrange transport from the airport to their resort.


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