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Thanks for your interest in advertising with Vietnam Coracle. On this page you’ll find the Vietnam Coracle Media Kit, which contains all the information you need to know about advertising on my website. If you have any further questions, please email me at:



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Overview: Why Advertise on Vietnam Coracle:

Personal, Targeted AdsAds on Vietnam Coracle are highly targeted. This is because I personally select ads that are relevant to the content I produce. My ads are an extension of the independent travel advice I provide: I only approve ads for services and products that my audience will be interested in or benefit from. Consequently, my readers are extremely likely to engage with your ad.

Maximum ExposureAll ads are sitewide and each ad is displayed in two separate positions on every page, thus doubling its exposure. Typically, your ad will be seen over 6,500 times per day, and 200,000 times per month. See Ad Size, Placement & Prices

Target AudienceYour ad will be seen by expats and travellers currently in Vietnam, but also by an overseas audience intending to travel or move to Vietnam in the future. Correspondingly, the range of relevant services and products for my readers is wide: from street food tours to international schools, from hotels to motorbike rental, from bars and cafes to real estate agencies. See Who Can Advertise

Growth: Vietnam Coracle is the number-one-listed online travel resource in the latest edition (2016) of Lonely Planet Vietnam. I have a hundred thousand page views every month, thousands of social media followers, and hundreds of email subscribers. What’s more, I’m passionate about my website and I’m going to keep producing great content week after week. See Traffic & Audience Demographics

Engagement & ProductivityMy audience actively engages with my content: cumulatively, my posts and pages receive thousands of comments, and each day I receive emails from readers asking for more information about where to go, eat, drink, sleep, and how to organize it. Your ads will help answer these questions for my readers. Each week, I typically publish 1-2 in-depth guides, articles, reviews or stories, plus thorough updates to existing content, and daily social media posts.

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Who Can Advertise:

Advertising: I will consider advertising proposals from services and businesses that are relevant to my audience and the content I produce. My main subjects are: travel, motorbiking, food, drink, accommodation, outdoor activities, and culture. However, anything that I feel is of value to my readers, or will heighten their experience of Vietnam, will be considered (see Audience Demographics to better understand who my readers are). Examples of ads on my site include: travel agencies, street food tours, motorbike rental and tours, bars and restaurants, hotels, real estate agencies, and English language schools.

Ads on Vietnam Coracle are listed under the title ‘Selected Resources for Travellers & Expats’. This sets them apart from the random, impersonal ads you see on other websites. If you think your business or product is relevant to my audience, send me an email with a breif description of your product and why you’d like to advertise on Vietnam Coracle:

Sponsored posts: I never write an article for money on Vietnam Coracle. However, if you have a business or product that you think is relevant to my content or useful to my readers (for example, a unique accommodation, an exciting new bar, cafe or restaurant), then feel free to contact me. If I’m interested in writing about it, I will do so providing that you agree to pay for my use of the product or service that I will be reviewing. However, my review will be full, frank and honest: I will not write positively about something I dislike, even if it has been paid for by another party. Unless these conditions are accepted, I will not agree to the exchange. In addition, I will always make it explicitly clear to my readers when a post has been written under these circumstances.

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Traffic & Demographics:

Vietnam Coracle receives over 100,000 page views a month. My readers are young and interested in travel, food, drink, outdoor activities, and culture. The majority of my audience is in Vietnam, with the United States, U.K and Australia following respectively. My website reaches Vietnam’s expat community as well as foreign travellers currently in-country, and Vietnamese with English language skills. The majority of my overseas readers are either planning a trip to Vietnam, intending to move here, or have a general interest in travel and food in Asia. Email me at:

  • Traffic: 100,000 page views a month
  • Location: 50% in Vietnam | 20% in USA, UK, Australia
  • Age60% are 18-34 years old
  • Intereststravel & tourism, food & drink, sports & outdoor activities, historical sites & buildings

*Statistics Source: Google Analytics, November 2016

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Ad Sizes, Placement & Prices:

All ads are sitewide and receive two separate placements on every page of my website: in the right sidebar and at the bottom of every post.

There are three ad sizes available: Standard ($50), Premium ($100), and Premium XL ($200):


  • Ad size: 220×120 pixels
  • Ad placement: right sidebar & bottom of all posts (two placements on every page)
  • Ad price: $50 per month
  • Ad duration: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year (with 10% discount)


  • Ad size: 220×250 pixels (right sidebar) and 700×100 pixels (bottom of posts)
  • Ad placement: right sidebar & bottom of all posts (two placements on every page)
  • Ad price: $100 per month
  • Ad duration: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year (with 10% discount)


  • Ad size: 220×500 pixels (right sidebar) and 700×100 pixels (bottom of posts)
  • Ad placement: right sidebar & bottom of all posts (two placements on every page)
  • Ad price: $200 per month
  • Ad duration: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year (with 10% discount)

All ads are displayed in blocks in the right sidebar and bottom of all my posts. Ads blocks are arranged in a hierarchy according to size: Premium XL ads at the top, then Premium ads, then Standard ads. However, there is no hierarchy within each ad block: the order in which ads are shown rotates at random on each page. All ads are displayed under the title ‘Selected Resources for Travellers & Expats’.

If this is your first time advertising with me, you may take out a 1 month ad ($50/$100/$200). When your ad expires, if you are pleased with its performance, you can renew it for 3 months (minimum), 6 months, or 1 year. 1 year placements receive a 10% discount. Email me at:

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Ad Screenshots & Examples:

Standard, Premium, and Premium XL ads receive two separate placements on every page of my website: in the right sidebar and at the bottom of every post. See the blue boxes marked ‘Standard Ad’, ‘Premium Ad’, and ‘Premium XL Ad’ in the screenshots below:

Screenshot: Standard, Premium, and Premium XL ad space in the right sidebar of a post:

Ad Screenshot Post Sidebar Premium Plus, Premium & Standard

Screenshot: Standard, Premium, and Premium XL ad space in the right sidebar of a category archive page:

Ad Screenshot Post Sidebar Category Premium Plus, Premium & Standard

Screenshot: Standard, Premium, and Premium XL ad space at the bottom of a post:

Ad Screenshot Post Bottom Premium Plus, Premium & Standard

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Ad Design:

Designed for you: I work with a graphic designer who can create a striking ad banner for you at no extra charge. However, because of the work involved in designing the ad banner, this service is only available for 3 month contracts or longer.

Designed by you: Alternatively, you can create your own ad banner as long as it fits the dimensions stated above. However, I ask that you are sensitive to the general feel of my website. Vietnam Coracle is a highly visual place to be: the more your ad adheres to the aesthetics of my site, the more attention it will receive from my readers. If I am not happy with a proposed ad design, I will work with you to get it right. All ad designs must be approved by me before going live.

Each ad is limited to one product or service, and one link URL. For example, if you are a motorbike rental company but you also offer motorbike tours, you will need to take out a separate ad for each service.

Please keep the ad file size as small as possible. Ads are limited to a single file, but you may create a rotating ad by using an animated GIF file – but, again, please keep it tasteful. For your ad to stand out, I recommend using a striking image and/or logo, and making sure that your service or product is obvious and visible. If your ad has a white background, please include a thin dark border around it so that it stands out from the white background on my website. Email your ad image files to me at:

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Payment, Processing & Renewal:

After you have agreed to my advertising contract, payment will be due. Payment must be made in full before your ad is live on my site. Payment is by PayPal in U.S dollars, unless another method and currency has been agreed upon. (Prices do not include any service fees that your bank or PayPal may charge for using their services.)

Once I receive payment, I will make your ad live on my site and notify you immediately by email. Your ad’s time on my site will begin from the moment you receive this email. A few days before your ad expires, I will contact you regarding renewal. If no further payment is made by the time your ad expires, it will automatically be removed from my site.

Once the advertising contract has been agreed and payment is made, there can be no refund under any circumstances. See contract for details.

Ad prices are subject to change based on my website’s performance. All advertisers on Vietnam Coracle will be notified in advance if/when any price changes occur. However, there will be no change in price for the entire duration of any live ad (i.e. any ad that has already been paid for). If you have any further questions regarding payment, email me at:

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I require all advertisers on Vietnam Coracle to agree to an ‘informal email contract’. This is an email thread between you and I in which we both agree to the terms of the ad – duration, payment, placement, cancellation etc. We both keep this email contract in our inbox as proof of agreement in case any issue should arise at a future date. Please review a sample of the Vietnam Coracle Advertising Contract to get an idea of what it contains: Sample Advertising Contract

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with this ‘informal contract’, let me know and I will send you a contract PDF file for both of us to sign. Further questions, email me at:

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Disclosure, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy:

As parts of my Disclosure and Disclaimer statements may effect advertisers on Vietnam Coracle, you may read them here. To view my Privacy Policy click here.

Thanks for your interest in advertising on Vietnam Coracle. If you have any further questions or advertising proposals, please email me at:


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