Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island

First published July 2016 | Words and photos by Vietnam Coracle


By now, Mango Bay shouldn’t need any introduction: it’s been the first Phu Quoc resort on most travellers’ and expats’ lips for over a decade. For a while, before the explosion of resort construction on the island started in earnest a few years ago, Mango Bay and Phu Quoc were almost synonymous: Phu Quoc was the definition on an unspoiled tropical island getaway; Mango Bay was the epitome of a tropical island retreat. Of course, now days there are literally hundreds of places to stay on Phu Quoc. However, if your aim is to leave it all behind and live out your island-paradise fantasy for a few days, then, providing your budget can cover the costs, there shouldn’t really be anywhere else to consider on Phu Quoc except Mango Bay.

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Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island, VietnamRetreat: Mango Bay is still the best resort on Phu Quoc to live out your tropical-island-paradise fantasy

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Address: Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province [MAP| Price: $80-$200 

Phone: (+84) 903 382 207 | Website:

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Located on the sandy, boudler-strewn arc of Ong Lang Beach, Mango Bay’s first assest is its vast amount of land and beachfront. Yet, because the resort is so discreet, there’s hardly any sign of it when approaching from the road, or when looking back at it from the sea. The 40 or so rooms and villas belonging to the resort simply melt into the dense tropical foliage, camouflaged in the dappled sunlight which plays on the palm-thatched rooftops throughout the day.

Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island, VietnamSpace: Mango Bay’s rooms are spread out over the resort’s vast and verdant land

This, of course, is in keeping with the philosophy of the resort as a whole. The entire complex is low-impact and sensitive to the natural environment, both outside and inside the resort’s accommodation. You won’t find TVs or air-conditioning units here; and you won’t need them either, because all the rooms and bungalows have been designed to allow a natural air-flow to ventilate the interiors (however, electric fans are now available in most rooms). Constructed using natural materials, such as wood, leaves, and rammed earth, there are several types of accommodation available on the property. Personally, I like the plantation and fishermen’s bungalows the most. My idea of the perfect beach-side home, these are large, private wooden villas raised off the ground with wonderful verandas from which to watch the sea and trees, and listen to the birds and cicadas.

Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island, VietnamThe plantation bungalows are my idea of the perfect beach house: cosy and romantic

Rooms are simply but elegantly furnished: four-poster beds hung with mosquito nets, tiled floors, wooden tables and chairs, soft lamp lighting, outside bathrooms, and sun loungers on the wooden terrace. It’s worth noting that, because the rooms are naturally ventilated, you will probably want to leave the floor-to-ceiling shutters open most of the day, if not at night as well. I love this but, if you are prone to mosquito bites, it’s imperative that you remember to take down the nets at least an hour before dusk so that the midges don’t disturb your sleep. All rooms are also equipped with bug spray and coils.

Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island, VietnamAll rooms are naturally ventilated, and interiors are simply, comfortably and elegantly furnished

The long stretch of beachfront is great for swimming, snorkeling, and taking a stroll at dawn and dusk. However, if you have kids, you should be a little careful about where you let them swim, as some parts are pretty rocky and sea urchins hide in the crevices. There’s no swimming pool because, again, who needs it when the glassy, balmy waters of the Gulf of Thailand are a few metres from your bed. You won’t miss the TV, but even if you do, there are plenty of activities on the resort’s grounds to keep you occupied, including kayaking, paddle boarding, beach volleyball, yoga and free bicycles for exploring the area.

Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island, VietnamThe beach: great for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, Mango Bay has a long slice of beachfront

The menu at the beach bar and waterfront restaurant covers an impressive range of local and international dishes and creative cocktail concoctions. Watching the sun fall below the horizon with a sundowner in hand is a simple pleasure not to be missed while staying here. Breakfast, included in the room price, is superb.

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Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island, VietnamSunset cocktails and dinner at Mango Bay’s waterfront restaurant, looking over the Gulf of Thailand

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9 Responses to Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island

  1. Paula says:

    Dear tom I am planning to go to phu quoc in May, I saw your comments and I would like to know if you could advice me.
    O would like to stay in a nice resort in a nice. Beach eco resort and far away from the noise.
    Some have recomendef Chen see or la veneranda, However I do not quiet understand the differences with the price between then.
    Also I would to have norm prices for food.
    You recommend mango is it the food good
    Best regards

    • Hi Paula,

      Chen Sea and La Veranda are both nice places to stay, but in my opinion Mango Bay is better, it is also more eco friendly and quieter than the others. The food at Mango Bay is good and they have both Asian and Western dishes. However, there are also some other good restaurants nearby Mango Bay that you can try.

      Another resort you might be interested in is Peppercorn Beach – it’s a lovely, remote, quiet location, with good food.

      I hope this helps,


  2. Henrik says:

    Hi Tom
    I really value your homepage and do feel you get an honest view. I look forward to the real life experience this winter.

    I have to questions. We plan to spend 8 days at phu quoc. 4 on either Peppercorn or Mango Bay and 4 at a place with a pool (for the kids). So which place would you recommend the most – place, beach, food, snorkeling – Peppercorn og Mango Bay.
    And can you recommend a place at phu quoc with a pool (sorry i am under pressure at home…)

    • Hi Henrik,

      If i had to choose between Mango Bay and Peppercorn, I would choose Mango Bay. Peppercorn is very nice, but it is very isolated.

      During the winter months, the sea is so calm that there’s really no need for a pool. But you could take a look at Orange Resort which has a pool, but I haven’t personally stayed there so I can’t vouch for it.

      I hope this helps,


  3. Thanh Le says:

    You didn’t stay here, it doesn’t seem like your place. Why did you write the review, did they pay for it?

    • Hi,

      I have stayed and been here many times, and I like it a lot. It was not paid for me, I paid for myself. I never write a review for money and all my content is 100% independent. If you would like more details about me, this site and what I write about and why I write it, please take a look at my About page, specifically where I explain my Hotel Reviews.



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  5. Stephen McGrath says:

    Hi Tom

    Your reviews are always highly regarded, and I’ve been looking closely at what you recommend for Phu Quoc for a while now, without actually getting there yet. Swimming is one of the most important aspects of our beach trips away, and although you mention that there is no need for a pool at Mango because of the beautiful beach nearby, the image you posted indicates to me that snorkeling and kayaking would be better options, as swimming and usual sandy beach activities could be problematic due to the rocks everywhere. Is this the case, or is it quite safe to walk out into the ocean and relax without cuts or other concerns underfoot?


    • Hi Steve,

      There’s plenty of sandy coves and inlets along Mango Bay’s stretch of beach front, so being able to swim comfortably shouldn’t be a concern at all. Just scout out the best sections of beach before you decide which ones are best for snorkeling and kayaking, and which ones are best for swimming – that’s what I did 🙂


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